S-7301 Cold Shoe & Screw Ball Head

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S 7301 1
Cold Shoe & Screw Ball Head
◆ Pan-tilt 1/4” ball head to support monitors
◆ Cold shoe installation to cameras
◆ 1/4” screw bolt installation to cameras
◆ Strong and lightweight

Both Cold Shoe and Screw Installation

S-7301 ball head can be installed on camera by both cold shoe and 1/4” screw. You can fix LCD monitors or lightings onto any types of camcorders.

S 7301 5
S 7301 6

1/4” Screw Ball Head

S-7301 ball head adopts 1/4” screw to connect with LCD monitors or LED lightings. You can adjust the angles easily, and the locking strength ensures a reliable installation.