S-7004E Snap-on Canon LP-E6 Battery Mount

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S 7004E 1
S 7004E 2 S-7004E
Snap-on Canon LP-E6 Battery Mount
◆ Canon DSLR battery adaptor plate
◆ SWIT S-8PE6 and Canon LP-E6 fit
◆ Snap-on type installation
◆ Fit for SWIT monitors and lightings
S 7004E 3
S 7004E 4

Canon DSLR Battery Application

S-7004E adopts the Canon DSLR battery plate, compatible with Canon LP-E6 battery and SWIT S-8PE6 battery. The structure and power pins ensure a stable and reliable connection.

S 7004E 5
S 7004E 6

Snap-on Type Installation

S-7004E is snap-on designed, can be installed on SWIT on-camera monitors and lightings conveniently, and quickly releasable, interchangeable with other types of S-7004 with different DV battery adapting. 

Compatible Monitors and Lightings

S-7004E can be fixed onto the following SWIT items:
LCD monitors:
S-1071F, S-1071H, S-1071C, S-1071C+;
S-1090F, S-1090H, S-1090C; S-1051H
LED lighting

S 7004E 7