S-4030 Power Station Box (Dual 24V)

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S 4010 01
S 4010 02 S-4030
Power Station Box (Dual 24V)

◆ PP+ Fiber glass case, strong and durable
◆ Install 4 x V-mount batteries
◆ Dual 24V 3-pin XLR DC output 
◆ LED panel to display real-time voltage and low voltage warning
◆ Charging without take out batteries by provided 4-pin XLR DC charging socket
◆ Intelligent protective circuit design, safe and reliable

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  Long-lasting power solution for high draw devices

S-4030 power station box can install 4 pieces of V-mount batteries which can provide more power and longer power supply time comparing to single Li-ion battery. It can meet the demand of different users, and is very suitable for Cine cameras, lightings for Film & Television and mobile studios. 

S 4010 5

PP+ Fiber glass case, strong and durable

S-4030 adopts PP+ Fiber glass case which is high intensity, high toughness and high temperature resistant. 

S 4010 6

Power with 4 V-lock batteries, portable and usable

Considering the size, weight, power effeciency, and usability, S-4030 is designed to be powered with 1-4 V-lock batteries, which are widely used and easy to find. S-4030 is compatible with all the SWIT V-lock batterie, or 3rd party batteries with dimensions less than 168(L)x101(W)x65(H)mm. 

 S 4010 7
Auto-balanced circuit design

With auto-balanced circuit, S-4030 can be powered by 1-4 batteries, with different capacity. The max output is limited by the batteries’ output. 


  2-ch 3-pin XLR DC output

With 2-ch 3-pin XLR output sockets, S-4030 is capable of outputing 2-ch 22-33.6V, max 15A power simultaneously.
And S-4030 is designed with multiple circuit protections, such as over load, over voltage, and etc. 

S 4030 8


LED panel display status

With a LED panel, S-4030 can display real-time voltage, and when battery capacity is too low, the LED panel will keep flashing to remind you to change or charge batterie. 

 S 4010 9
 S 4010 10  

Charging without taking out batteries

With the supplied 5A charger, user can charge the batteries in the S-4030 directly, without taking out of them. 


Cooling fan design

The fan keeps dissipating heat from the box, and makes it safe when working in high temperature environment. 

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