S-4904 Wireless Transmission

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S 4904TR 1
SDI/HDMI 700m Wireless Transmission System

◆ Professional WHDI (MIMO/OFDM) technology
◆ Uncompressed 3G/HD/SD-SDI and HDMI

◆ 2-ch SDI/HDMI embedded audio transmission
◆ 700 meters (LOS) transmission distance
◆ Less than 1ms latency
◆ 5.1-5.9GHz license-free operation frequency
◆ User configurable frequency bands
◆ Multicast – 1 transmitter to multi receivers
◆ Less than 63mW radio power
◆ AES 256bit encryption
◆ V-mount / Gold Mount connections
◆ All-metal housing, durable
◆ Pure hardware connection; Plug and Play

WHDI wireless transmission system

SDI and HDMI, 700 meters

S-4904 is the broadcast industry wireless system, includes an S-4904T transmitter and an S-4904R receiver, with WHDI (OFDM) technology, supports uncompressed 3G/HD/SD-SDI and HDMI wirelessly transmitted in 700 meters scale, and with less than 1ms latency. The system is pure hardware connection, plug and play build-up, which is widely used in on-site shooting and director monitoring.

S 4904TR 5
S 4904TR 6

Input and Output

The transmitter S-4904T supports:
3G/HD/SD-SDI input ×1
The receiver S-4904R supports:
3G/HD/SD-SDI output ×1
The receiver SDI and HDMI are output simultaneously.
If both SDI and HDMI is input to transmitter, the receiver will give priority to output SDI signal.

Approx. 700m Effective Distance 

Uncompressed SDI/HDMI, less than 1ms latency


In Line of Sight, the S-4904 wireless transmission system support approx. 700 meters effective transmission distance of uncompressed 3G/HD/SD-SDI and HDMI signal, and the latency is less than 1 millisecond.

S 4904TR 7
S 4904TR 8

Embedded Audio Transmission

The S-4904 supports SDI and HDMI embedded audio (ch-1 & ch-2) transmission.

5.1-5.9GHz Operation Frequency 

License Free

The S-4904 wireless system runs at 5.1-5.9GHz License-free operation frequency. The frequency bands are user configurable and support at most 4 wireless channels in one location.
The radio power is less than 63mW and will not do harm to human bodies.

S 4904TR 9
S 4904TR 10

Multicast support

1 transmitter to multi receivers

You can set several S-4904R receivers at the same frequency bands as the 1 S-4904T transmitter to enable the multicast mode.

Power Supply and Installation

V-mount or Gold mount optional

The transmitter S-4904T is equipped with V-mount or Gold mount plates, to be easily fixed on cameras and attached with batteries. 
The receiver S-4904R is equipped with V-mount or Gold mount plates to be powered by batteries.
Both the transmitter and receiver can also be powered via the 5.5/2.1mm pole DC in socket of 6.5-17V input. 

S 4904TR 11