S-4612 DVI to SDI Converter

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S 4612 1
DVI to SDI Converter
◆ Portable DVI to 3G/HD/SD-SDI Converter
◆ 1 DVI input, 1 analog audio input, 
     2 SDI output
◆ Embed Analog audio into SDI output
◆ Power/input/output status indicator
◆ Pole-tap 6-18V DC power input
◆ Heavy duty aluminium housing
◆ Bottom screw threads for installing

Portable Mini Converter

DVI to SDI, (DVI-D, 18+1)

S-4612 is a mini converter for DVI to SDI conversion, (DVI-D, 18+1 connector), which can be widely used for DVI video source to deliver and broadcast, support up to 1080p 50/60 format DVI to convert to SDI. 

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Input and Output

S-4612 offers:
1× DVI-D (18+1) input
2× 3G/HD/SD-SDI output (Reclocked)
1× 3.5mm audio input
(The DVI to SDI supports the same format conversion only.)

S-4612 features low SDI jitter and SDI re-clocking so that you can use the longest SDI cable lengths and maintain pristine quality images.

Embed Analog audio into SDI output

S-4612 support 3.5mm analog audio input, and can be embedded into SDI to output. The audio supports 48kHz sample rate.

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Status Indicators

Power / Input / Output

S-4612 provides 3 LED indictors, to check if the power is connected, and if the input/output signal is delivered.

Power Supply

Pole-tap DC input

The mini converter is powered by pole-tap DC socket. The package includes an AC-DC power adaptor, and you can also connect DC cable from 6-18V batteries. 

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S 4612 10

Heavy Duty Housing

The S-4612 mini converter adopts unibody aluminium alloy housing, strong for field using and protects the BNC connectors effectively.




S-4612 provides the bottom 1/4-inch screw threads for fixing on cameras, and an installing plate A-IP00 is supplied in the package, for fixing on wall and binding the BNC/DVI cables.

S 4612 11



Standard Package

S-4612 standard package includes:
1x AC-DC power adaptor (A-PA03)
1x Install plate (A-IP00)

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