E-5010 Camera Remote Control Unit

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E 5010 2 E-5010
Camera Remote Control Unit
◆ Universal Compatible with SONY and Panasonic cameras
◆ Directly connect with camera or work in SWIT EFP Fiber camera system
◆ Lever controlled IRIS with value display
◆ LCD display operation data
◆ Independent M.PED control knob
◆ Shutter speed, B&W balance, DTL control
◆ Video recording and Timecode display
◆ Thinner size design

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 Camera Remote Control Unit

SONY & Panasonic

E-5010 is a Camera Remote Control Unit that universal compatible with SONY and Panasonic cameras, supports IRIS, GAIN, Master Black Level, B&W Balance, etc controlling. 

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Directly to camera or connected in SWIT EFP system

E-5010 Remote Control Unit provide a 10-pin connection port, which can directly connected to camera REMOTE port via particular cables, or connected to CCU of SWIT EFP Fiber Camera System to control the cameras.
The RCU cables are customized according to the connector type and length. (Max cable length: 50 meters)

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 E 5010 7  

IRIS Control

The IRIS is controlled by lever, and an independent Numeric Display can indicate IRIS value.

LCD Display

The E-5010 RCU provides a LCD screen to display the settings and parameters that read from camera. The definitions of hot buttons are displayed on LCD. 

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